A Portrait of Incompatible Views: Collaboration with a physicist 2 (video)

A new video work about two state quantum system (qubit)


This film is an art-science collaboration on the topic of incompatible observables in quantum mechanics.  There is a lone hut in the middle of a forest where the viewer tries to observe what a strange man is doing inside. Depending on how the man is viewed, he mysteriously changes in some way.  To ensure that there is no mistake, the viewer checks and re-checks the result.  All the results are consistent with the rules of quantum mechanics.

The film is a collaboration between Japanese contemporary artist Kyoko Ebata (http://kyokoebata.com/) and Australian quantum physicist Tim Byrnes (http://nyu.timbyrnes.net/).  Ebata works in various mediums including photography, video, and performance. She works on diverse projects, each employing a concrete poetics to investigate or circumscribe subjects which are felt as absent, abstract, or invisible.  Byrnes works on applications of various quantum systems such as Bose-Einstein condensates to quantum technologies.

このビデオはオーストラリア出身の量子物理学者ティム・バーンズ (http://nyu.timbyrnes.net/)とのコラボレーションで作られた。バーンズはボーズ・アインシュタイン凝縮など様々な量子システムを量子技術に応用した研究をしている。



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