塩 | Salt

The refreshment made by Kana Kimura with half a century pickes of my grand mother. 木村さんが祖母の50年ものの梅干しで作ったウェルカムドリンク。ローズマリー、桜の花のフレーク、麹などが入っています。今まで体験したことのない繊細でフレッシュな味でした。

On the occasion of the screenings of “The Desert Moon”, a work about Ebata’s father’s end-of-life care at the House of Ebata, Ebata’s grandparents’ home, a talk by Viktor Belozerov and a participatory performance with Kana Kimura and Mako Fukuda were organised.

In “Making plum pickles with teas”, we wanted to practise remembering the power of life and humour in the midst of mourning through the ritual of ‘eating together, crying together, making salt from the collected tears, and using the salt to dip new plum trees in the garden’ with half-century-old dried plums found in the barn at the House of Evata. We harvested the plums from the garden in June and are currently looking for a way to collect as much of the tears as possible.

We also had a talk “Anti-war vacation: life and death in art and politics of Russia” by a Russian researcher, Berzoerov, on contemporary art in Russia. Since the Ukraine Invasion, the world has become increasingly divided. From the ongoing division to the division with the past, the desire to forget the past and many other complexities. We were told that currently, interaction between researchers is also hindered. I think it is important for others with different ways of thinking to get to know each other better in order to coexist.

I am against war, violence, everything, but even asking a sick father to live can be violence. Violence is lurking in all of us. I hope that when we realise, when we have the chance, we can have just a little bit of courage and make choices that will reduce the number of people who suffer, even if just a little bit.







13-19 Sun 29 Jan 2022

House of Ebata, Tokyo



*House of Ebataへのアクセスにつきましてはお問合せいただきますようお願いいたします。Please ask the organiser for the access to House of Ebata directly.

Viktor Belozerov ビクター・ベルゾエロフ

Kyoko Ebata 江幡京子

Mako Fukuda 福田真子

Kana Kimura 木村佳奈


トーク Talk “Anti-war vacation: life and death in art and politics of Russia”

Viktor Belozerov ビクター・ベルゾエロフ 


ミーティングID: 845 0546 8122  パスコード: 840298


The dialogue with Viktor began when Russia invaded Ukraineand Viktor invited Japanese artists to write anti-war statements for a letter campaign called “Letters for Peace”. Does loving someone also mean that you will lose that person eventually? Do we start a fight to prevent the loved one from getting hurt? We don’t really know what the future holds, but we believe that now we can love more people and understand each other more.

*ビクターさんは国外からオンラインで参加になり、トークは英語で行われますが、日本語でのサマリーや通訳のサポートを行います/ The talk will be held in English. Language support for Japanese  will be provided on an as-needed basis.

*トークの記録 (02:38:29) the documentation (02:38:29)  https://youtube.com/live/fcljs8n4Kn8?feature=share

18:00 〜

涙で梅干しを作る Making plum pickles with teas 

Mako Fukuda 福田真子/ Kana Kimura 木村佳奈 With Kyoko Ebata 江幡京子

月の沙漠 | The Desert Moon

江幡京子 Kyoko Ebata

2020-2022 Digital Video

スクリーニング screening

*スクリーニングは予約制で2月末までご覧いただけます。open by appointment until the end of February.

* 詳細 more info

涙で梅干しを作る Making plum pickles with tears 






House of Ebata was the home of Ebata’s grandparents. A few years ago, pickled plums that seemed to have been made by Ebata’s grandmother some half-century ago were found in the storage.
Dried plums have long been a popular preserved food and food medicine. Preserved food is an ongoing living memory and a family history that is passed on. In screenings for the film “The Desert Moon”, which is about Ebata’s father’s death-watch, with Kana Kimura and Mako Fukuda’s participation, we used the pickled plums in the ritual of “eating them together, crying together, making salt with a large quantity of forcibly collected tears, and using the salt to dip the newly grown plums in the garden tree”, so that even in mourning, we can practise not forgetting to find strength in life and a sense of humour.

“The idea of preserving food without allowing it to spoil is itself an attempt to ‘resist death’. Waking up the dried plums in our bodies, which have been sleeping for a long time in a dream, defying death, is an act of synchronising the dried plums with our time axis and making life and death in continuity. The dream is then activated by our tears and crystallised into salt. Salt is indispensable for living beings, but at the same time it can kill all living things, if we use too much of it. By using the salt, our bodies meet the plum tree, which bears new fruit again this year, and together we pass it on to the next generation.(Kana Kimura)”

*The pickled plums were tested by Food Microbiology Centre Inc. and found to be safe for human consumption.

Chopped onions and had traditional funeral soup with chili pepper to cry and made curry in the end!
receipt: ume-boshi, malt, ginger, sakura flower flakes, rosemary and sparkling water
take aways


ビクター・ベルゾエロフ| Viktor Belozerov

インディペンデント・リサーチャー。ロシア国立人文大学(モスクワ)美術史学部卒業。ロシアにおける現代日本文化の普及を目的とした教育プロジェクト「Gendai Eye」を立ち上げる。現在、日本研究室J100Rの主任研究員として、1920年代から現在までのロシアにおける日本の現代美術に関する思想を研究している。

Viktor Belozerov is an independent researcher. Graduated from the Art History Faculty of the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow). Created the educational project Gendai Eye, which aims to promote contemporary Japanese culture in Russia. Currently the lead researcher of the Japanese Laboratory J100R, which focuses on ideas about contemporary Japanese art in Russia from the 1920s to the present. 

江幡京子|Kyoko Ebata 

アーティスト。ゴールドスミス卒。日常で目にする様々な事柄をテーマにそこで生活する者の目線から時代を表現する。現在はプロジェクトスペースHouse of Ebataを運営しつつ、国内外で発表している。

Kyoko Ebata is an artist, graduated from Goldsmiths’ College. She expresses the times from the perspective of a person living in everyday life. Currently runs the project space House of Ebata, while exhibiting widely. http://kyokoebata.com

福田真子|Mako Fukuda 

ドイツ在住。ウェブマガジン「ヴァルナブルな人たち」、Zineイベント「ZINEFEST Leipzig」を運営。ライプツィヒのコミュニティスペース「日本の家」の活動に関与するなど、中間共同体に関心を持ち活動を続ける。

Lives and works in Germany. Runs the webzine ‘vulnerable people‘ and the Zine event ‘ZINEFEST Leipzig’. She pursues her interest and activities in intermediary communities, including involvement in the community space ‘Das Japanische Haus e. V.” in Leipzig. https://vvulnerablepeoplee.wixsite.com/website 

木村佳奈|Kana Kimura 

アイスランド芸術大学ファインアート学科卒業。 文化人類学的側面から、内外在な関係性の変遷を観察し制作する。一時性やそこで起こる力学的運動に注目し、プロジェクトやワークショップなどを試み「儀式的制作」と呼ぶ。ウェブマガジン「ヴァルナブルな人たち」を運営。

Kimura has graduated from Fine Art BA, Iceland University of the Arts. From a cultural anthropological perspective, the artist observes and produces the transition of internal and external relations. Focusing on transience and the dynamic movements that take place there, she attempts projects and workshops, which she calls ‘ritual production’. She run a web magazine “vulnerable peoplehttps://kanakimura.wixsite.com/kanakimura


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