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Kyoko Ebata | Method for the Surveyor
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25 November – 30 November
25 November at 12:00 to 30 November at 18:00 UTC+08

So I went into the empty launderette. I questioned myself what I was doing for a second but started to measure the room. As time went by, I noticed the dust in the room, some parts leaking water, a soap looking like a few decades olds, a children’s sock left behind placed on the window sill was now covered with dust. I tried not to think about cleaning the space and continued working. I should not destroy the magic of the space.

And on another day, when I was with the people who organised the show, a group of drunk manual labour type of people stopped by and a man asked us “You don’t look Japanese. What are you doing?” He kept on telling little sexual jokes. I didn’t like to be harassed so I pulled out the video camera and asked him questions. After while I asked him “Do you like the Japanese flag?”. He answered “Of course. I am Japanese”. He told me stories of when he worked in the Great East Earthquake area. As I was listening to him, I realised that I judged him and felt ashamed of myself. I started to cry, he started to cry and we were all crying together and my camera was shaking. After the bath, he was still asking to go to karaoke together, but I handled it and sent them off cheerfully. A good job I have done.

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Kyoko Ebata |測量師之法


而另一天,我與策劃人一起時,一班醉醺醺的工人經過停下來,其中一名男子問我們: 「你們不像是日本人,你們在幹什麼?」他不斷地說一些色情笑話,因為我不想受到騷擾,所以我拿出了攝錄機並向他發問。後來,我問到他: 「你喜歡日本旗嗎?」,他回答 :「當然,我是日本人。」他把他在日本東部大地震災區工作的故事告訴我。當我聆聽著他訴說時,我了解到我對他作出了批判,我為我的行為感到羞愧。我哭泣起來,他跟著我哭泣起來,我們一起哭泣起來,連攝錄機也被抖動。後來,他還嚷著一起去卡拉OK,但我軟拒了,並有歡送了他們。 這樣還不錯。


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