Anxiety+ トーク 粟田大輔 

トーク 粟田大輔 

Talk w/ Daisuke Awata
19:00-21:00 JPT Sun 12 Jan
Performance w/ 奥誠之他 Masayuki Oku +: Sat 11 Jan

Questions and comments from Awata-san’ on James’s work

“Confession of pain” from your video is interesting that pain from physical disorder is common but from mental disorder is not studied very much yet. Confession was area for religions in old time and we don’t know what to do with it.

Medium: Awata-san got impression that your project is like Ustream, rather than Youtube because YouTube has idea of currency earning from obtaining “Like it!” , although you are asking for “like it”, your do not look like you are seeking it.

“Repetition” which Warhol used a lot indicating change of physicality and anxiety from media change (introduction of TV culture at that time) . He also reminded of “Super Size Me (2004)”.

Do animals and alien have emotions? e.g. when an elephant is captured (*1), it cries. Are they trying to emphasize in group? e.g. bee

Do tattoos indicate anxieties? Is it like “Hoichi the Earless”, by having magical texts on body you can avoid bad things? Why is it in fashion?

CPR is a kind of physical ritual and it works. Repetition is a way to get rid of anxieties like many sport players do without questioning, and it works.

Generalization and Individualization; Medicine tend to generalize individuality to cure. Whereas anxieties tend to be quite individual. Are you trying to generalize your individual problem via YouTube?

Can we generalize or share subjective view, feeling or anxiety?

In 19th Century, recording and visualizing emotions started to be possible including archiving heartbeat. Taking individual data is a form of power.

There is needs/desires to share emotions, the genre of hanky movie (touching movie). The genre also indicate that people feel cleansed and enjoy by crying physically with tears.

Shared behaviour (*3) of a language-game (言語ゲーム) by Wittgenstein: the idea of beauty or delicious can only been understand by mutual agreement but never really be shared.

In UK, Edmund Burke defined a notion of sublime which is also related to anxiety and fear. There are also notable literatures including Lewis Carroll and history of witches. In 19C, many inventions including photography made it possible to visualize unseen.

Japanese horror movie Ring and Rasen got ideas from ghost experiments in UK. Do you think there is something particular about UK culture?


*1 痛みと感情のイギリス史 (日本語) 単行本 – 2017/3/31 伊東 剛史 (著, 編集), 後藤 はる美 (著, 編集)より「Ⅵ 観察 ダーウィンとゾウの涙(伊東剛史)」

“V Observation: Darwin and tears of elephants” from “Pain and Emotion in British History” by Takashi Itoh and Harumi Goto written in Japanese

*2 Hoichi the Earless (耳なし芳一)

*3 ふるまいの一致 shared behaviour


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