The Case of T & S (video)

Password:The Case of T&S

A documentation of my parents.

Shown at:

Do You Love Me?@NICA:Nihonbashi Institute of Contemporary Arts, Tokyo

『The Case of T&S』は作者自身である私と実家の両親の関係をドキュメントしたものである。父は20年近く脳出血の後遺症を抱えており、母はそんな父をサポートして来たのだが、私は子供の頃から母との関係に苦しんでいて、年末年始の挨拶以外にはほとんど実家に寄りついてこなかった。作品のストーリーは年始の挨拶に私がビデオカメラを持って実家を訪れるところから始まり、その後母が入院するところまでが描かれている。


“The Case of T&S” is a documentation of my parents. Although my father has been after effects of the stroke more than 20 years and my mother has been supporting him, I hardly visit them since I have been having problem how to deal with my mother. Only time I visit them is new years’ greetings. The story begins with me visiting them and follow them until my mother stays in hospital for her cancer treatment. 

As you can imagine, all her language and behavior that I am ashamed of can be observed with objectivity when I have a camera. And I start to wish her to be more eccentric and ask her to be entertaining for a viewer. The soured relations asking for unconditional love have changed.In the end, my desire to control the scenario surfaces.


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